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Senior Linux Administrator

Senior Linux Administrator

Senior Linux Administrator

About the role

Would you like to be in charge of hundreds of terabytes of data, a couple thousand cores and a network where data travels over 40GBit/s lines? Join us in developing the online world in CEE. We’re looking for a senior system administrator to help us develop our infrastructure.

About us

Magyar Hosting Kft.
With a private equity fund behind us and over 300 colleagues across 5 countries (SW, FI, CZ, SK, HU), we are making the boring web hosting industry in CEE cool. One could say it’s a commodity business, but we believe that we can really help people by showing them all opportunities that the web offers. We have a superb quality of product and service (NPS ~70), but almost no one knows it. Let’s work together to build up a clear market leader to whom people will go if they want to be online.We provide one of the best solutions in cloud-computing and servers in central Europe with thousands of satisfied users in three markets. Many of them grew from a mere web hosting to their own cluster of dedicated servers; others came to us from a global competitor just because of our support and knowledge of technology. Join us in developing the online world in Europe.

This is how your week will look like

  • There was a problem over the weekend with otherwise smooth operation of our infrastructure . – tens of thousands of our customers count on it! The first thing in the morning you try to uncover the root cause of the problem along with the administrators and ideally solve it in such a way that it will never arise again as tens of thousands of our customers count on it! We keep an internal record of all incidents using JIRA tickets. The goal is to have problem-free systems without the necessity of an intervention.
  • Your day today is devoted to actively improving our existing solutions – either those that are in-house or private solutions for our large customers. You educate yourself, train your colleagues, check up on our data centers or, in case of large-scale projects, meet with partners. We expect you to take initiative in devising solutions that would improve the infrastructure and services for our clients. We’ll be happy to support your ideas.
  • In most cases, our systems run on the Ubuntu LTS platform managed by SaltStack config management. Our virtual servers run on the OpenStack platform. This is your natural habitat and you are always ready to explain all the technical solutions to your more junior colleagues.
  • Your main responsibility will be to develop our infrastructure in a way that response to the dynamic growth of the company, thousands of new customers and support new products.
  • Our secret recipe for success you will help to improve is based on:
    • webhosting › Ubuntu LTS + nginx, apache, php, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, ZFS, LXC, LXD
    • mailhosting -> postfix, dovecot, Rspamd, Halon, IceWarp
    • cloud -> OpenStack, OpenvSwitch, RabbitMQ, Docker, Docker Swarm, Redis, Galera cluster, gitlab CI
    • dns -> KnotDNS, bind, PowerDNS
    • the infrastructure is managed via SaltStack, monitored via Zabbix and tied to our systems using Python scripts

You will take care of:

  • a large web cluster that we call IT1.3
  • over 200 servers, 400 pieces of cpu, 3200 physical cores/6400 logical cores, 30+ TB of RAM, 400 TB of RAW SSD disk capacity
  • a database cluster
  • mail servers and load balancers
  • OpenStack architecture and virtual servers
  • internal systems and applications in Docker containers
  • private solutions tailored to our customers’ needs
  • the ZFS file system that gives us excellent control over backups and disaster-recovery solutions

We expect of you

  • concepts such as web hosting, web server, virtual server or storage are friends of yours
  • you have at least 5 year of experience with managing Linux servers and all those long hours on duty helped you to gain some deep technical knowledge. Of course, we don’t expect you to master everything (this note was added by our HR so that you don’t get scared).
  • you’ve mastered the configuration of LAMP, reverse proxies, MySQL servers; you know RAID, LVM, and the difference between a RAID, a backup and a snapshot
  • a good theoretical and in-depth understanding of Linux regardless of its distributions and uses and experience with your own LFS, Gentoo, ArchLinux or *BSD
  • you have experience with configuring a solution with a cluster or you’re at least familiar with its upsides and downsides
  • you enjoy using git, config management, bash
  • despite your seniority you constantly feed your hunger for knowledge with new information and you are willing and capable to transfer the knowledge to your junior fellow colleagues
  • you are equipped with decent English and are not afraid to use it.

What you can expect from us

  • Support from an experienced team: colleagues always ready to help you with stuff you don’t feel confident about and who help you grow the best side of you
  • Trust in your abilities: your opinion and your voice will be heard when creating and implementing complex infrastructures
  • An opportunity to grow: we encourage you to attend meetups and conferences, both as an attendee or a speaker, learn foreign languages and deepen your knowledge thanks to internal trainings and workshops
  • Our coolture: hackathons, grill parties, breakfast, Xmas party and other teambuilding activities with your team

Job location:
Fehérvári út 97-99, Budapest 1119

How to apply/contact information: We are waiting for your CV with a salary request at the, with the position “Senior Linux Administrator”.



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